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Dec 13, 2012 3:00pm PST
. 27 units in the building. the reduction in size has changed the unit mix and size of some of the units and there are now more one-bedrooms than before and we have 32 parking spaces, 27 for 27 units, 3 for community assigned and two for car-share. excuse me. next, please. this is a little bit burnt out, i apologize, but you have it in your package. the rendering in the middle is the design rejected at the conditional use application in june. to the left is our first attempt at the demasing of the building and running along the bottom there are sequential demasing proposals that were discussed with members of the community, polk neighbors to try to achieve a compromise that would work for all. in the end, we did something a little different from the right-hand slide. that is the design it's used to be. this is the design as it is now. we're going to do a little bit of back and forth here. what we have here -- and i will speak loud enough to be heard -- what we have here is an attempt to create ambiguity about the building . is it really one building? the same concept [ ina
Dec 14, 2012 9:30pm PST
for a generously sized unit. and working on the solar panels to be in the flatter configuration. >> if the secretary is okay with it. i will second that amendment. >> second. >> commissioners you have a motion and second. amending the proposal to incorporate a floor to floor height no greater than 11' 1" and flat solar panels. (roll call ) >> so moved commissioners that motion passes 6-1. commissioners that will place you on your final regularly calendared item no. 17. 27-29 sutro heights avenue discretionary review. >> excuse me, commissioner secretary, the gentleman wants to raise a continuance request. >> i apologize. there was a request for continuance that the project sponsor and staff was not supportive of commissioners. >> yes. president fong, members of the commission. my name is bruce prescott and i represent the discretionary review requester, lawrence rambling. this case was initially set to be on hearing on the november 15th hearing as a result of a procedural error, apparently, it had to be continued. at that time, the requester himself, there rambling had a
Dec 1, 2012 8:30am PST
't believe that that sized unit belongs in an area that isn't an established residential area like south of market. south of market has over 40,000 residents and 40 acres of parks managed publicly, not by cbd but recreation and parks. that's 1/10 of an acre per thousand residents as it stands now managed by recreation and parks. the green envy report produced in 2007 by the former neighborhood parks council has very well detailed. district 3 and district 6 are yearning, aching for more green space. and without that green space, i'm not sure it's humane to have such small units in those spaces. now, maybe along the jay church line, maybe along the l, the m, the t, the kt, maybe that's the spot for these efficiency units where there's parks and stuff. i do have an overhead that i want to show. the congestion in south of market has created a health problem, an air pollution health problem. locating most of our affordable housing these days, 35% of the 3,000 units being built in transbay will be in this area where the particulate matter in the air is already unsafe levels. we need congestion
Dec 3, 2012 9:30am PST
that a portion of our artic ice about the size of the united states of america had melted this year which is significant to really alter what the temperature of the ocean is and we're seeing what really the impact of -- every year we're seeing dramatic examples of climate change and hurricane sandy being one of them. we're also seeing around the world real demographic changes in our country. there is accumulation of population under urban areas and we have to look at those areas where we meet the challenge of climate change so we have to look at promise of our cities. san francisco bay area is a city that has great resources to meet the challenges of global climate change. this program, the cleanpower sf program is what we have. it's our greatest tool to assure we're doing our part around climate change around the world, and this little area of the world can actually make a huge difference, and that's what we have to decide how we're going to implement over the next few months, but the major work that we have actually accomplished by green lighting this program to move forward. i wan
Dec 17, 2012 2:00pm PST
useful in controlling the size or direction or policy of the united states government in our history? >> the brown bess rifle was used to win our independence. >> from the british? >> let's talk about our government. >> militiamen used their militia rifles to defend new orleans against the british. >> against the british. when have guns been useful in curtailing the power -- >> athens, tennessee, 1946. townsmen rose up against corrupt government and threw them out at the point of a gun. >> keep going. >> is that not enough? >> i want more. i want to know where your head is going. you're like sharron angle out in nevada who said we need second amendment rights when the politicians get out ever hand. >> that's what the second amendment is for. she's not making that up. >> how would you use your second amendment rights if you didn't like the way your congressman or senator is using pem. >> we have a political action committee -- >> how would you use your second amendment rights? >> by being prepared. >> to do what? >> we don't have to shoot anybody. >> you have the threat though. >> i t
Dec 10, 2012 9:00pm PST
we could keep the square footage of the building so it could accommodate the two, two-unit buildings. we were asked at that meeting to avoid doing a variance and reduce the size of the building. we have gone from 4 units to 2 units and now it's single families, we have lost over 1700 square feet, we have gone through a number of meetings with neighborhood and all that discussing the facade and the bulk of the building. . >> so when were those meetings that you held with the neighborhood. >> initially on july 28, i actually have a chronology, i can share that with you. july 28 of 2008, we meet again on august 11 of 2008, we filed a building permit in december of 2009, then, you know, we met again with the east slope, the vernal heights east sloan design review on april 19, 2010. we revised the plans and sent the revised plans basically to the east slope design review board and held another meeting. we got their full support since we are not asking for any variances or conditional use applications on this site. at this point all the bulk issues and design issues were resolved thro
FOX Business
Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm EST
talking about workforce size in the united states? david: the point is, you have to go wherever you can in order to get the most value for your shareholders, right? >> well, that's what i want to address. and yes, but you're talking short term. long term every corporation benefits from a robust economy and from an expanding middle class that can buy the products. they also benefit from good public relations in a positive image when they move jobs back to this country instead of having workers overseas who aren't free to bargain decent wages do the work. david: okay. rich, i guess what concerns a lot of shareholders out there, apple shareholders is, the question, is tim cook taking his eye off the ball? is he focused, as you mentioned this was done primarily for political coverage. that really didn't enter into it. i never saw it enter into steve jobs mind. he was more focused on getting shareholder value wherever he got it. maybe not so with tim cook. >> tim cook has had a really good 14 months run as steve jobs successor except for the last two months. the first cracks started appearin
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
services unit. they don't require that its case be charged. even if an individual the size it is not safe to move forward we can still offer services that units especially in domestic violence at a very high rate. >> the victim's unit that you described, is that house and district attorney's office? >> yes. highest caseload comes from the domestic violence cases. >> commissioner loftus? >> i have to say jean roland trained me. what jean said always was even if you have a high caseload you put your victims name on the chart in front of your desk and you call them every week and you find out how they are and you find that what is going on in their lives. it is not like -- it is essential to hold batters accountable and keeping people safe. gene is not someone who makes excuses and demand that kind of performance. those three das are there to do the arraignment in the morning, 9-12 they are raining all the cases, doing bail hearings. they arrange a new case; it was my experience even better days when we had better staffing levels by the time you get back to your desk as a pros
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 152 (some duplicates have been removed)